Daniela Becker

FenKid® Kursleiterin

FenKid® Kursleiterin, GfG-Familienbegleiterin® i.A., GfG-Rückbildung/Neufindung® i.A., Dipl. Kommunikationsdesignerin

The birth of my daughter turned my life around 180 degrees and changed my (professional) focus. Since then, the needs of new mothers and their little miracles are more important to me than anything else. I want to give mothers confidence and security in dealing with their babies in the first year of life and support the babies in their free movement development. FenKid® course instructor, GfG Family Companion® i.A., GfG Regression/New Finding® i.A., Dipl. Communication Designer.

My Classes in HAIRU

FenKid® 3-6 Months | FenKid® 7-10 Months