Maja Block

Since 2007, yoga has been my companion, my teacher. Modern dance and various physical expressions have fascinated me since early childhood. The joy of movement and an intense body awareness have remained until today. Breath and movement, body and soul, awareness and clarity. The healing effect of yoga has opened up a new level for me and shown me how I gain inner balance through mindfulness, concentration and serenity above all. I would like to pass this experience on to my students and show them how they can (re)access the strength that exists within them. The focus of my work is the body as a means of expression of all the things that happen to us, and our outer as well as inner attitude connected to this. How do I deal with myself? What is out of balance? How do I manage to restore balance through my own strength? How can I accept what is?

On my way I was allowed to get to know a wide variety of teachers. My encounter with Richard Hackenberg laid the foundation for my work, at whose Mahaprana Institute I completed my training as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. I have trained extensively in the areas of anatomy, asana technique (alignment), pranayama and psychology. A great inspiration for my work are the views and teachings of Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Levine and David Emerson, who link yoga and trauma in a wonderful, touching and healing way.

My classes at HAIRU

Sensing Yoga | Fascia Yoga