Martin Buck

“Long before I came into contact with yoga, I meditated regularly. It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 that my passion for yoga developed. Burdened with various prejudices, I attended my first yoga class in a Munich studio. Very quickly I was hooked and have been practicing very regularly since that day.

I enjoy the physically demanding elements that create a feeling of well-being in my own body and mind. For me, yoga is not thinking about it, but surrendering to the flow and letting the thoughts come to rest. The inner strength and balance that my own practice gives me I now want to pass on to others.

On my way, I completed a total of 700 hours of training in Anusara, Hatha Yoga, and Somatic Bodywork in connection with Yoga. I completed 200 hours of training during a six-month journey through India. This gave me lasting impressions of the magic and mysticism of this wonderful country, which are always an inspiration for the topics in my classes.”

My classes at HAIRU