Detox & Dream

Saturday 26.02.2022, 2-5pm

costs: 29€ (early bird until 06.02. 25€)

In spring, we have the chance to free ourselves from old patterns, superfluous burdens and outdated structures in order to start the year liberated.

The workshop supports this process:

Detoxing on a physical and mental level through challenging vinyasa practice that stimulates our energy body, making transformation possible.

Dreaming on a mental and emotional level through storytelling, journaling and a deep yoga nidra.

You will need your mat and yoga clothes as well as paper and pen for journaling. Maybe you have a special journal or writing utensil that you like. A long jumper and a cloth for your eyes can also be nice for the final relaxation.

About Jana Marjam

Jana Marjam’s path is anchored in the Bhakti tradition. Devotion and longing for the universal carry her practice. Full of passion for an ever deeper immersion in yoga. Full of humility before this enriching, multi-layered practice and philosophy. Her classes are based on a flowing, invigorating practice that opens up joie de vivre and a clear, fresh body awareness. Quietly feeling inwards to also give softness and stillness their space completes the practice.

Jana Marjam has been practising yoga regularly since 2012 and is a yoga teacher trained by Patrick Broome (500h+ Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga) as well as Ranja Weis & Helga Baumgartner (100h+ Yin Yoga).

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