Alignment to Inside Flow Workshop

Sunday 19.02.2023, 3:00-5:30 pm with Ami Norton

In this Inside Flow workshop, Ami uses her many years of dance experience and passion for yoga to introduce you to this unique style of yoga.

We will take a closer look at asanas and transitions that often occur in Inside Flow to ensure healthy alignment. Ami will show you techniques and exercises to best prepare your body for such transitions and to help you feel more confident in Vinyasa and Inside Flow.

Afterwards, a choreography with asanas will be built up in which every breath movement leads to a body movement – an Inside Flow. In the process, you will learn to turn your gaze from the outside to the inside and develop a deep connection to yourself. Together we will laugh, sweat, and grow beyond ourselves – Inside Flow is a challenge, but one worth taking.

For both Inside Flow fans and Inside Flow newbies (general yoga knowledge is important though). Inside Flow teachers receive a certificate for 2 TRCs.

Costs: 45€

About Ami Norton

Ami first came into contact with yoga in 2006 at the beginning of her German studies in England. Since then, she can’t imagine her life without yoga. Ami immediately became passionate about the style during her first Inside Yoga class and subsequently completed her yoga teacher training at Inside Yoga in 2015. Since then, she has taken advanced trainings in Inside Flow, Yin Yoga, Personal Training, Yoga & Psychology, and Chromatic Yoga. Today she is an E-RYT 500 and Inside Flow Senior Teacher, teaches yoga full-time in Frankfurt and online, leads workshops and trainings in Europe and Asia, and is part of the teaching team at TINT Yoga.

Music and dance have always been important parts of Ami’s life. Since the age of five, she has danced many different styles – from standard to hip-hop to lyrical jazz. Today, this passion for dance and music informs her teaching. She combines flowing movements with conscious breathing and always teaches creative flows with humor and a smile on her face.

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