Breathwork Session

once a month, Saturday 6:00-8:00 pm

Your breathing influences all processes in your body. It is directly connected to your emotions, traumas and your nervous system. Just a few minutes of breathwork can have a huge effect on the inner balance of stress and suppressed emotions or blockages, as well as on how you feel.

Breathwork is a direct key to mental and physical health, as well as to your stress management in the nervous system. It has been around for many thousands of years, but has only been slowly finding its way back into the consciousness of the western world in the last few years, which certainly has to do with the slow awakening and reconnection to one’s own body, as well as the search for relief due to the enormous stress in our world.

There are different types of breathwork. In my group sessions we work with different techniques of breathwork, as well as somatics and frequencies. The breathing techniques I teach are composed of connected breathing, transformative breathing, the GetHighonYourownSupply methodology, Buteyko breathing and healing breathing.The focus of my Breathwork sessions is deep and conscious breathing to allow for maximum connection to you and clearing the subconscious mind in a held and professional space.

You will be accompanied the whole time by my voice and music that I have specifically selected with suitable frequencies. You decide for yourself how deep you want to go and are in your own control the whole time. Activate your body’s self-healing powers. Reduce stress, find new clarity, let go of the old and release emotional and physical blockages. Every Breathwork session is different, you get what your body needs without having to understand it. I will explain everything calmly and leave enough space for questions. The power of the energy of a group is wonderful to be taken into the depths of yourself and your inner truth in a different way.

You don’t need any previous knowledge and everyone is welcome. However, as the Breathwork method I use can trigger very intensive healing processes, please contact me in advance if you have any of the following:

Pregnancy, pacemaker, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression. If you are currently taking medication (e.g. medication containing serotonin or other psychotropic drugs), please inform me in good time before the session. My breathwork sessions are not breathing therapy and do not replace a doctor or therapist for serious respiratory diseases or mental health problems.

Vicky Lardschneider

Originally an architect. I am an artist in painting, as well as a breathing trainer, yoga teacher in Vinyasa, pre- and postnatal, accompany women on their self-determined path during pregnancy, up to birth and the puerperium and am currently training to become a non-medical practitioner in psychotherapy.

For me, the greatest miracle in nature is the existence of the human being, the moon and water.

In a world that is becoming faster and faster, there is hardly any room left for stillness. I myself have a very spiritual practice in my life and go more and more into silence every month to be able to hear the world within me. I believe that only by healing from within and grounding downwards can we begin to live and create our full potential and therefore bring peace and energy to our surroundings and the world. The path of healing is a never-ending and often very exhausting and painful path – since I was 13 I have been on this path with the support of trauma therapy and many other methods, such as breathwork, yoga, energy work, etc…. Practice what you preach.

It is important to me that I can understand all the people I accompany on their path not only theoretically, but also emotionally and energetically.

Everyone feels differently. Everyone breathes differently. Everyone feels and experiences things differently. And I am grateful to be able to accompany you on a small part of this journey, to open up the space for you so that you can let yourself go and feel empowered with yourself and hopefully leave the session deeply connected to yourself and with inner trust.

2020 Vinyasa Liquid Flow Yoga / 200h RYT/ with Simon Park at Kale and Cake GmbH

2021 Pränatal Yoga / 50h RYT / mit Heike Gross, Inana Institut

2021 Breathwork facilitator / 60h / mit Phillip Friedel, Gethighonyourownsupply

2022 Postnatal Yoga / 40h RYT / mit Heike Gross, Inana Institut

2023 HP Psychotherapie / Zentrum für Naturheilkunde München