The Magic of Yin, Sound & Breath

Saturday 28.01.2023, 5:30-7:30 pm

Be enchanted by 2 hours of Yin Yoga, a gentle Breathwork session and a live Soundbath.

The Yin Yoga postures open your system to the breath, the breath opens you to the vibration of sound and you experience deep calm, relaxation and peace within you.

I am very much looking forward to a magical afternoon with you!

The workshop is suitable for everyone, no previous experience is necessary.

YamYoga – Regina Gambarte

Regina’s journey into the world of yoga, transcendence and healing work began at the age of 25, in the professional internship of the School of Healing, for Body and Psyche. She was already a mother of two and had sought fulfillment in art and music.

After several years of practicing various styles, she completed the Jivamukti teacher training in Upstate NY in 2006 directly with the founders of the method. Since then she has been teaching with dedication and love. In 2009 she founded YamYoga her own yoga studio and ran it with great success for 11 years.

She developed the “healing Tao” an advanced training that includes Yin Yoga, Taoist elemental teachings and energetic work. She is always educating herself: many years of shamanic work, Breathwork, energetic work and meditation.

Since 2015 she has been studying in depth the philosophy of Shaiva Tantra and is dedicated to integrating the energetic aspect of Tantrism. Her greatest passion is to inspire people to experience and live the aliveness of their heart and the clarity of conscious presence, in every moment of life, in this body, on this beautiful planet.

Her heart project is the Souljourney a group coaching she developed over 1-3 months with different focus and content, and her one on one coaching program the Soulsession.

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