Daisy Cantalamessa

Daisy is half English, half Italian, and moved to Munich in 2018. She was first introduced to the world of yoga whilst studying in Manchester (UK) in 2010 where she enrolled on a ten-week Ashtanga course. Even this short time brought about changes in her body and mind that made her fall in love with what yoga has to offer.

Prior to moving to Munich, Daisy lived in north-east China for three years where her passion for the practice truly flourished. Her time in Asia inspired her to travel to Mysore and ultimately led her to later complete her yoga teacher training.

Daisy believes that yoga has given her the tools to not only cope with stressful situations in life, but also to understand herself better and to therefore have a better connection with others. As a teacher, her aim is to provide her students with an opportunity to grow and develop on their own personal paths.

My classes at HAIRU

Dynamic Flow (engl.) | Rocket Vinyasa (engl.)