(Dr.) Heidi Ittner

An energy-sapping academic research career filled with constant stress and pressure to perform led me to my first yoga class “”to compensate”” almost 20 years ago. I was fascinated: immediately I felt that this would change my life – that I had finally found what I had been searching for, more or less consciously, for a long time. And so, after only a few hours, incredulous friends heard me say that “”someday”” I would do a yoga teacher training course.

Still living in Hamburg at the time, I practised intensively in the Sivananda tradition for many years and yoga quickly became not just a valuable balance, but more and more a way of life. After moving to Munich and drastic career changes, I made 2011 my “”someday””, completed the Jivamukti TT and was also intensively inspired by Iyengar and Prana Flow Yoga.

My Classes at HAIRU