Tanja Klöck

Kinderyoga, Anusara, Prenatal und Rückbildungsyoga

Yoga gives me the space to be completely with myself and to feel comfortable with who I am and what I can and do. My greatest wish is to be able to pass on this feeling and to give others the opportunity to consciously allow themselves some time just for themselves without the pressure from outside. Shortly after my Anusara training, I also did a children’s yoga training, as I am convinced that it is important to experience this feeling for oneself as early as possible and also to maintain it as one “grows up”. The prenatal and postnatal yoga training has expanded my knowledge further. I am curious and always on the lookout to get to know even more and to learn what I can incorporate into my classes and share with you.

My classes at HAIRU

Kids Yoga 3-6 Years | Kids Yoga 7-10 Years