Heidi Bücherl

Yoga gives us the opportunity to find the balance between two poles. I find it extremely exciting to practice with a balance of effort and serenity, exploring one’s own limits, getting to know oneself better, or even just feeling the mood of the day, without judgment. This balance is the path to inner contentment.
Ashtanga Yoga has captivated me: an incredible beauty in the flow of movement, the flowing, the sound of the breath, the energy that is released, the ability to concentrate and the personal responsibility that comes from an independent practice. I would like to share my enthusiasm for this holistic, healing path with my students and pass on my experiences.

Yoga has accompanied me for well over 20 years. A large part of my professional life I have experienced in the field of design/ communication under constant pressure to perform. The resulting distance from myself, from the core of my being, has driven the desire to dive much deeper into yoga with its healing effects. I love yoga because there is nothing to achieve here and yet it challenges me again and again.

My training 2014-2018: Ashtanga Yoga Innovation with Dr. Ronald Steiner (Advanced/ Start Expert). In addition to traditional Ashtanga, the therapeutic approach was strongly in focus here: you are not supposed to fit into the posture, but you are encouraged to find the right posture for you, to feel it and thus get to know yourself better. Further experience: with teachers like Anna Trökes, Petri Raissanen and Greg Nardi and many more.

I have been teaching Ashtanga Yoga Innovation with great passion since 2014 and am fascinated by the possibilities that yoga can exert on the body, mind and spirit through both asana practice, pranayama and meditation. I am particularly interested in the influence on the psyche and the possibility to fundamentally improve the quality of life. Yoga is a tool that can always bring us back into balance in all the waves of life.

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