Align + Inside Flow

Saturday, 8th of June 2024, 2:00-4:00 pm with Anissa

During Inside Flow we flow from asana to asana, without beginning or end. In time with the music, we move fluid, light and controlled. The path is the goal.

To be able to flow healthily, a correct alignment of the body is the absolute basis. When you are aware of how to align your body when you move from one asana to the next, both your inside flow and your vinyasa practice become more fluid and controlled. You will gain confidence and security.

In this workshop, the focus is on optimizing alignment. We will look at individual asanas and transitions, build strength and learn how to move more fluidly through various exercises and techniques.

If you love Inside Flow and Vinyasa, this workshop is a must for you – no matter if you are still at the beginning of your flow practice or if you are already a practiced Inside Flow Yogi. We will sweat a lot, practice and train, laugh together and at the end of course apply what we have learned within an Inside Flow.

Costs 30€ (or USC/ Wellpass + 20€)