Breath journey

x1 a month, Saturday 6:00-8:00 pm 

In healthy living, main buzzwords are – less consumption, more exercise, balanced and natural diet, sunlight, sleep, stress reduction.

But what about the consumption of your breath? What if I tell you that your breathing affects all the processes in your body, but 80-90% of us breathe unhealthily.

What about the air we breathe? The amount of air and the way you breathe affects all the processes in your body. Everything starts with your breath. Yes, really everything!

We start with a short guided meditation and breathing exercise to prepare you and your body for your upcoming breathing experience.

A journey to yourself to fully feel yourself and just be. Supported by shamanic drum music and guided by my voice, you will dive deeper and deeper into your experience, alternating between phases of connected breathing and breath holding. Think of it as an active meditation that you can control through the intensity of your breathing. Decide for yourself how deep you want to go. Activate the self-healing powers of your body. Reduce stress, find new clarity, let go of the old and release emotional and physical blockages.

Every journey is different, you get what you need without having to understand it. Actively fight inflammation, strengthen your immune system, release physical and emotional blocks. Feel the energy flowing through your body, find restful sleep and reduce chronic pain. The breath journey is very easy to access, yet incredibly powerful. Each journey has its own theme, specific guidance, specific frequencies and music to match. You often don’t get the journey you want, but what you need. It is an exercise in letting go, trusting the wisdom of your body.

Your monkey mind will calm down, thoughts will pass like clouds in the sky, while you can cure your own body, feeling in the here and now. Not in the future. Not in the past.

If you are pregnant, accompanied by epilepsy or very high blood pressure, have severe heart disease or have been accompanied by psychosis in the past, please be sure to contact me beforehand. Eat only moderately before the trip.

Costs: 25€

Vicky Lardschneider

I had my first yoga class in 2012, which was my start into the yoga world. As a former competitive athlete in field hockey, it was very new to me and the lightness after each class was indescribable. Ninety minutes in which everything felt so right, in which no performance pressure, no duty and no comparison had place, but only I, Vicky, just as I was in that moment.

Very early I started to fight inner battles against myself, which always had an impact on my body. And so my personal journey through my own life began in loving myself.

I go to the mountains as much as I can, feel my body through regular functional training, bring calm and clarity to my system through meditation, ground myself with yoga practice, be myself in my painting, and unite all of this in my breathing practice.

As an asthma patient for many years, breathing has always been a big and heavy issue for me. Thanks to yoga, I have been able to build another first connection to my breathing. Since becoming a breath coach, however, my life has changed. The power of breathing and its effects on the body are extremely underestimated until today and are the true key to a healthy, easy and long life.

Born in Munich, I moved to Innsbruck after graduating from high school, studied architecture and then worked as an architect in Vancouver. My journey took its course and so I went to Hawaii for some time and back to Europe by container ship. Now I’m back here since 2018 and I’m on a constant journey of exploration for myself, my surroundings, the earth that nourishes me and the power that is within me.

The greatest wonder in nature for me is the existence of man, the moon and water. I work as a freelance artist, as well as a breathing coach and yoga teacher.

My passion for learning new things brought me from practicing as a yoga student, to my first Vinyasa training, on to training as a Breathwork Instructor, and on to training as a Prenatal Yoga Instructor with the expanded spectrum of natural accompaniment in birth preparation. And everything starts with our first breath and ends with our last and accompanies us throughout our lives in everything we do, think and feel.