Heels over Head Workshop

Saturdays once a month, 2:30-4:30pm

In this workshop we will consciously explore ‘overhead postures’ or inverted postures in yoga. Strengthening exercises and the approach and practice of headstand, shoulderstand and handstand will be the topic, what these asanas are good for and how they work and strengthen us.

Cost: 25€

Sarah-Lena Brieger

Different forms of movement have shaped me, my career and thus my yoga classes. It is important for me not to force myself into different poses, but to observe my own body on the way.

As a dancer in the independent scene, I dealt with the most diverse movement qualities.
Especially the Israeli movement language GAGA influenced me and my training a lot. During this time I learned to perceive the body holistically with its limits and strengths and to challenge it individually.

In addition to this workshop I teach Open Flow – Monday 19:30.

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