Inside Flow Workshop

Sunday 30.01.2022, 3:00-5:00pm

costs: 35€ (early bird until 16.01. 29€)

Musik on. World off. Become one with the music, your breath and your movement!

You can expect a Vinyasa Flow choreography, which is taught on beat and coordinated with a selected piece of music.

Each inhalation and exhalation leads into a new body movement. The music creates the connection to your emotional world, which through the power of yoga leads to a harmonious symbiosis of flowing movement, personal expression and genuine emotion, bringing everything into harmony, your movement, your breathing, your body, your heart – your yoga.

In this workshop we will take time to look at and practice the technique of flowing transitions between the asanas and practice the technique of flowing transitions between asanas. You will gain valuable tools and knowledge about the Vinyasa Flow technique, so that you can then let the beat of the music carry you elegantly and gracefully through an Inside Flow.

Suitable for experienced and advanced practitioners.

I look forward to flowing with you!

Yours, Julia

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More information:

About Julia

Julia is a multi-skilled yoga teacher, personal trainer and former professional dancer.

According to the motto “You have to do something good for the body so that the soul feels at home in it” Julia follows a holistic concept in all her work.

Her love of music and passion for flowing movements is also evident in her yoga classes. A mix of dynamic sequences inspired by modern dance. Packed in challenging, yet harmonious flows – framed by modern music that creates a connection to the inner world and invites you to let go. So that everything stays in flow. The movement, the breath, the body, the mind and the soul.

Instagram: @julia_flowandgrow

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