Self love Workshop (engl.)

Sunday 12.02.2023, 3:00-5:00pm with Jodie Roberts

You are more than you know. More brave, more wise, more kind, more worthy. Discover how mindful movements, affirmations, and focus can transform how you see yourself and the world in this 2hr workshop. Together we will build a flow that regains our trust in ourselves, and return to our centre. We progress to blindfolded yoga, partner yoga, and meditations to spread this love from the inside out to others. Get ready to sweat, smile and love as you flow with Jodie, and let’s light ourselves up as we shine together.

What we’ll do

Part 1 what is self love

Part 2 heart opening flow, to get the heart energy flowing, the love flowing

Part 3 blind flow to get trust in ourselves, to learn to listen to ourselves

Part 4 partner yoga, to trust and listen to others also, spread the love

Part 5 meditation – to build our love for ourselves and others, for one love to all

Costs: 40€ or USC/ Qualitrain + 30€