Yin-Yang Special (engl.)

Friday 28.07.2023, 4:30-5:45 pm with Jodie Roberts

Get the most benefit from your time in this special class dedicated to rebalancing energy levels. Combining both Yin and Yang elements in one class, we start with an invigorating vinyasa, before melting into the yin section to recharge and restore. This balanced practice can have a powerful effect on energy levels, helping us to navigate through busy times with less stress, less rush, and more enjoyment. The terms yin and yang are used within Taoist and Chinese philosophy to describe how opposite forces are connected and interdependent in the natural world, so reconnect to ourselves as we find the yin and yang forces within us. Taught in English.

“The practice of yin/yang yoga helps us learn about stillness in movement and the flow in stillness.” Sarah Powers