Yoga + Sound Bath

Sunday 26.05.2024, 4:00-5:30 pm

After a powerful yoga session, we allow ourselves to calm down with the gentle sounds of the crystal singing bowls. Body and mind recover.

A sound bath is a guided meditation in which sound is used specifically to bring body and mind into deep relaxation. Immerse yourself in a world full of oscillations, vibrations and the sounds of crystal bowls. Allow yourself to let go, relax and experience an intense feeling of calm.

The session is suitable for you if the combination of dynamic yoga and soothing relaxation through sound appeals to you.

Come in comfortable clothes, be open-minded and bring an open-hearted attitude.

Costs: 35€ (USC/ Wellpass + 25€)

about Laura

Yoga and sound are my balance. I like to be completely with my body and just take a breath. And this awareness of one’s own breathing, one’s own body, but also of the environment, is something I want to pass on to my participants. My classes are not about “being good”, but about having fun and, especially with the Sound Bath, simply switching off and relaxing.

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